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Plants, Plants, Plants!

At Lula Flower Show we love plants just as much as flowers. Plants are apart of the family and need just as much care and nurture as you do! 

Come to Lula Flower Shop and see our Plant Collection, ranging each week from tall Yukka trees, Alocasia Polly, Lucky Bamboo and the ever popular Cacti! Whether you want a nice prickly friend or a overzealous growing Lipstick Plant, we have it all! 

Lula's Top Tips for caring for Plants

  • Water plants from underneath - best to put the base of the pot in water for 30 minutes to an hour to soak up all the nutrients it needs. Cacti need once a month, Indoor plants need a good drink once a week. 
  • Plants don't need direct sunlight - Give your plant a lovely location in your home with plenty of indirect sunlight, fluorescent lights can work for some plants! 
  • Learn about your new friend! - Certains plants love plenty of water while others don't like the sun too much. Have a Google and find out more about your new roommate. 

New Plant Stock - October 2019

    Paper Plant                         Dragontail Plant
Calathea Pinstripe                                 Calathea Rattlesnake




      Peace Lily                             Umbrella Tree    


Snake Plant                               Parlour Palm

Plants, Plants, Plants!

African Milk Tree                   Codieaum Variagatum


Chinese Evergreen                         Philodendron      


        Codiaeum                         Snake Plant                 Peperomia Raindrop


Cacti and Succulents

And many many more including Monstera Deliciosa, Diffenbachia, Ficus Trees, Bonsai Trees, Aloe Vera, Money Trees, Spider Plants and Ivy, 

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