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Say what you mean with COLOUR

We get asked a lot what colour conveys what? We all know red symbolizes love and white represents sympathy. But what about purple, yellow, pink or even blue?!?!
We thought we would help! A look at flowers and their meanings. 
This week we look at the many colours of the Rose! 
Did you know roses are available is almost every colour?!?!
Red - Love, Passion, Courage and Respect
White - Purity, Innocence, Heavenly
Pink - "Thank you", Peace, Happiness
Yellow - Joy, Friendship, "Welcome Back"
Orange - Desire, Enthusiasm
Peach - Appreciation
Blue - The Unattainable 
Lavender - Love at First Sight, Enchanment 
Who knew lavender represented love at first sight! Thats a lovely thought, now you use your new found knowledge when making your selection. 

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